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20170422 Harman pass – Arthur’s Pass

A week of work in Christchurch, adjacent to a weekend, then taking a leave day or 2… meeting with Anzac day (public holiday on 25 April here) and there we go! Multi day tramp in the Arthur’s Pass area.

Taking advice from Daniel once more, even having a late start, we made it to the […]

20170107 Pakituhi Hut – Grand view Mountain - Breast Hill - Wanaka

Second overnight around Wanaka… dropped off the car along the east side of Lake Hāwea, near Gladstone. The track zigzagged straight up in the mountain, then along the ridge. Pretty steep drops on each side, but the view was great to help getting through it! 1000m uphill in less than 4km…

20171229 Queen Charlotte Track–Marlborough Sounds

The track starts from Ship Cove, the north/east end of the track, also the start of the TA (Te Araroa trail, across the country) for the South Island part.

Official information about this track:



Day 1 – Ship Cove to Camp Bay

On this 29 December 2017, a beautiful and clear summer day, […]