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South of Chile, Part 2 – from 05/11 to 11/11/12

Monday morning, we woke up with rain under our tent in Chepu… not a little rain… it was pouring! So no kayak of course, but packing and drying, and waiting for the bus at 17:00… 🙁 As it was Alex’s birthday, he got a birthday breakfast : with a beer and muesli with a candle […]

South of Chile, Part 1 – from 30/10 to 04/11/12

Here we (Alex and me) are, going away from Santiago again: Flying to Puerto Montt, a city in the South of Chile (but actually the North of the northern Patagonia… still a lot more to be the South!). We arrived there and “visited” the city. Actually there is not much to see, so we bought […]

Santiago, week 3 – from 22/10 to 29/10/2012

For my third week in Santiago, nothing exceptional until the week end, I just went to Spanish lessons every morning again. Now I learn 2 of the past tenses, and I am able to understand a lot more when others speaks !!

Now I have to practice, that is the only secret ! One beer […]

Mendoza Region, part 2 – from 18/10 to 21/10/2012

The roads here are pretty funny, a lot of bumps and dip… it makes my stomach not feeling that nice but… was alright when driving. I am glad I wasn’t in one of the buses we saw on the road!

the bumping roads

Traffic lights are the other side of the crossing… being attentive […]

Mendoza Region (Argentina), part 1 – from 12/10 to 17/10/2012

We left Santiago with a minibus on Friday afternoon, straight after my Spanish class.

The first part of the drive, from Santiago city to Los Andes, at the bottom of the Cordillera, was pretty boring. But still, for me, first time outside of a city in 2 weeks! All the side of the road was […]

Santiago, week 2 – from 6/10/2012 to 12/10/2012

Hola !

My Spanish is getting a little bit better… I am able to understand a lot more, and making few sentences when I need to talk 🙂

I tried the pisco sour, which is a drink made from pisco (alcohol from Perú/Chile), lemon and white of eggs. It was good, interesting and better taste […]

First week in Santiago

A few things about my first week in Santiago !

Spanish lessons : After 5 days of lessons, I can’t have a proper conversation, but I start to understand a bit more, and I can make sentences !

The house I leave in : we are 12 people, from Mexico, USA, France, Germany, Chile… and […]

El niño… and my adress

Could anyone call this el niño and tell him to go away for the next 4 months ?? or if you have his phone number, it would be really kind of you to give it to me…

So, to explain a bit : I arrived on Saturday, and since then it is really cold… like […]

First plans in Santiago

After a full day of resting, eating, sleeping, and a full night, we were ready to move on Sunday !

We had a jump in the freezing cold roof-swimming pool of the hotel on Saturday night… just for the picture 😉

very short swim in the roof swimming pool !

I will give you […]

Santiago de Chile (UTC -3:00)

Arrived after the last 8 hours flight ! Need a shower and sleep and proper food and everything is gonna be better 😉

It was 7 degrees when I landed at 7:00, nice spring 😉

I will tell you more about my plans and where I gonna live in the next post 😉

Chile is […]