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Trip to Germany

Finland was not that perfect summer weather, so I wanted to find a real summer, warm and sunny… so I went to Germany for one week ! Not the best choice for the weather… rain, rain, rain and rain 🙂

But I have seen interesting stuff !

It was weird because I am pretty much […]

Summer time in Finland

Pour lire l’article en français, cliquez ici.

Summer, not really, but Summer time, for sure !!!

On the forecast, they show the length of the day :

It is pretty long days, the sun is up from 3:59 to 23:14… No more nights !! (to see the picture better, you can click on it !)


Kaunissaari Island

A small trip on a sunny Sunday, with a small boat, on Kaunissaari Island !

leaving the main land

on the sea

The bbq place on the island

the forest on the island

The forest does not look like it, but there are HEAPS of mosquito here ! And they are […]

Birthday week-end

Birthday presents !

The week end started with a great delivery from France for my b-day ! Cheese, foie-gras, chocolate, red wine, grenadine syrop, poppy seeds (from Czech republic)…

A small time in a good restaurant (Wahan Rauman Kellari)

grilled white fish

reindeer fillet

An escapade on the sea side…

Movies from my last trips, second try

Hey !!

Nobody told me my movies stopped pretty strangely after exactly 15:00 minutes…

So I realized it yesterday and tried my best to fix it :

Now you can have a look at the part 2 of each movie (still didn’t find a way to have a movie longer than 15:00 min on internet…)


Moving out, moving in

After few weeks already spent in my “new” flat, it is maybe time to show it to you… at least how was the “moving day” !

my old room all dismantled

old kitchen in boxes

We “invited” 4 guys for “beers, pizzas, and a bit of help” and that’s how we got everything […]

Moving (just the flat, in the same town, not to the other side of the planet, not yet…)

After 3 months in my great flat, with a garden and a private sauna, I have to move out 🙁

Of course in a flat in a building, without a garden and without private sauna 🙁 🙁

Here it is :

My new “home”, 2nd floor…

And the address is, to send me heaps […]

Here we are… how do I look like when I work

A very small post to show you how I look like :

Beautiful clothes 🙂

And to say that I tried to find the summer (and I did) when I spent 5 days in Mannheim :

Beautiful weather !

it was 33 degrees, sun everyday, bbq, beers, parks, sunburns…

now everything is gone […]

Still waiting for spring

Waiting for spring is pretty long here in Finland… Still wearing long sleeves T-shirts and pullovers ! It is still snowing sometimes, still some frost…

So I had to find a way to keep me warm : cooking ! (and eating of course). Here are some examples of my week ends :

pear and […]

Spring, second try…

As you will see on the pictures, Spring is not really here yet… we have some longer days, from 6am to 9:30pm, but its not really warmer ! Ah yea, maybe a little bit : last week, at work, I was walking outside on the site and I surprised myself with my jacket open… I […]