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What happened during summer? -1- 2014/06/02 – Trip back to France

As my job ended on the crazy construction site at the end of May,, I traveled back from Finland to France. it was an experience, for sure! Starting with a 28 hours long ferry trip…

Not Even full!!

Bruno is ready

Finnish countryside

28 hours ferry trip…

My ferry room


2014/06/01 – How to keep yourself busy during Winter-Spring-Winter-Spring in Finland?

If you look for ideas how to not be bored in Finland during this time of the year and want to follow my example… you will be needing:

A/ 1 kitchen B/ 1 car


A/ A Kitchen

As you know, I love cooking. I guess seeing my mum making food for the […]

2014/05/31 – Winter, Spring, Winter,Spring,… in Finland

Dent de Cruet and dents de Lanfon



When I left France in January after Christmas holiday, it was really nice… not a lot of snow, but nice weather and snow in the mountains. What we did not have at all in Finland until then.



Well, snow and cold eventually decided […]

2013/12/20 – Autumn in Finland (and also somewhere else…)

I know, it has been a long while since my last real article…

Well, I have a normal life here, working and living like anybody else!!

I made a new category in my blog and now you can see all my Jumping pictures that I took the last years around the word.

Well, at the […]

2013/09/01 – After 2 months in Finland

It has been almost 2 months since I moved to Finland. And of course, my life is really busy, to work, to catch up with my friends here, to go to the beach in the evening…

Good morning Rauma park πŸ™‚

Hello Rauma!

Hello Olkiluoto…

Hello Poroholma!

Home grilling with […]

Finnish weird stuff

After 7 months in Finland, I discovered and tried few “funny-weird” things that I would like to share…

THE Finnish pea soup

There is this pea soup, that you can find everywhere in Finland on Thursdays for lunch, served with pork and mustard and pancakes for dessert. After a lot of questioning to Finnish […]

Last Summer Week-end

For my last week end, the Summer week-end, we went with a few friends to a MΓΆkki (a summer cottage), in Yyteri, not far from the beach…

and we did a lot of things !

Sand castle/mountain/boat construction

Swimming in the really really warm sea…

Grilling some meat (way too much !)


Pretending that Summer is still here…

With a group of friends, we decided to pretend that Summer is not ending.

So we went on Kuuskajaskari-polku, an old military island for a pic-nic, and a bit of swimming and stupid pictures πŸ™‚

Swimming !

hands up ! πŸ˜‰

Old military installations

view from one tower, islands and sea… […]

Summer days in July…

Few days of summer… at Rauma Beach !

Beach volley

Swimming !

Yea the water is really really warm ! πŸ™‚

Tequila sunrise !

And of course to get warmer, some drinks with the sunset !

3D movie !!

Ice Age in Finnish… πŸ™‚

We also went to Pori, during […]

Discovering Finland

It feels a little bit depressing to write about all of that now, because the weather is pretty bad now, 15 degrees, rain, humidity, clouds… youhhhhouuu, that is a Finnish summer !!

I got a sunburn 2 weeks ago, ok, getting rid of a hangover on the beach is pretty nice, but I should not […]