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20150517 Mimosa Park

We left Farewell station, stayed in Winton for one day, and had in mind going somewhere, on our way to Brisbane (to catch our flight to New Zealand on the 4th of June). There was not much plan, when we decided that we wanted to see another station. That was maybe our last chance to […]

Life on Farewell and Narangie Stations for 4 weeks

This month was full of new things for me… first of all, Farewell is about 100 km away from the town of Winton, half of it on gravel road with dips and grids. No problem at all with driving 80-100 km/hour on this kind of roads down here!

Driving through the paddocks


20150412 Tropical Queensland

When we landed in Cairns we felt the weather difference… so hot and humid! A feeling of barely being able to breathe for a few minutes when we went outside of an air-conditioned building, but so nice after a few cold days down on the Bellarine Peninsula.

We stayed in an hostel not far from […]

March on Bellarine Peninsula

We landed in Melbourne on the 5th of March, and spend 3 days there before heading to Faulty Towers.

We hung around St Kilda, at Luna Park, the beach, the parks… where we met one penguin in the evening!

The penguin of St Kilda

The famous entrance to Luna Park


2011 - Trip in Australia

I have been travelling to Australia from February to August 2011.

Unfortunately for all the non-french speakers, I created a book that was made with my blog at that time, which was in French… you can still look at the pictures (here) and videos below!

All the articles are available in french on this blog.




From Cairns to Brisbane


From Darwin to Cairns