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2013/07/04 – Essen to Malmö

After a resting day in Essen (and buying beers and other alcohols), we met with Petteri and Fernanda in Cologne (friends from the trip in Chile!).

Cologne Cathedral

We planned to leave in the morning around 7:30 ish but while I was reattaching the passenger wiper, the arm of the wiper dropped and then […]

2013/07/02 – Leaving France and driving through Germany

After 3,5 months working, I managed (again) to find something else to do… that you will discover in the next few weeks!

I am starting a new page of travel with visiting my best friend in Sweden, and then I wanted to spend some time in the north a little bit, so I am driving […]

A bit of time at home, in the Alps

My first week at home wasn’t really at home because I went around to catch up with friends !

After that, I rested a bit, and re-discovered the area and the local animals…

Pointe Marion

Discussion with a cow

The snow is not that far !

some Chamoix (a lot of […]

Back to France / New plans…

I had a great last week end in Rauma, even if it took me 2 days to get rid of the hangover afterwards (included the trip back, not really funny in this condition… :-/ ) Thanks everybody for this great time !

Here I am now, back to France, but of course, only for a […]

Froginette – New start !

Hi everybody !

After my 9 months trip in Australia and New Zealand, here I am, back in France for 3 months !

All my stories and adventures in the South here (The Frogs wanderings), and the pictures here (Picasa).

Now you gonna find me on this free blog, as long as I am brave […]