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01/11/1024 - Next trip in 30 days!!

As most of people know, since I am back from New Zealand (in 2 weeks it’s gonna be 3 years!!), I want to go there again. Well, eventually, I managed to organize this trip!

For the ones who don’t know or forgot the date: The flight is leaving from Germany on the 1rst of December!


2014/09/05 – A week in Prague

A few months ago, my friend Lucie (from Sweden) told me: “We (She, her husband and baby girl) are going to Prague in September, do you wanna join?” What could I answer to that??

So we made it for a little week, to hang around in the city of Prague.

At first, there was an […]

What happened during summer? -5- 2014/08/22 – Let’s go camping tonight!

When you feel like going camping for one night in the mountains, it’s not that complicated… 2 backpacks, 1 tent, sleeping bags, bags of trekking food, a bottle of wine, hiking shoes, a clear sky, and of course, mountains!!!

So we (Alex and I) went to the Sambuy ski field, took the last chairlift to […]

What happened during summer? -4- 2014/08/18 – Tickling the Mont Blanc

For the one and only completely clear day for a few weeks, while Alex was visiting in France, we decided to have a closer look at the Mont Blanc… so we went all the way to Chamonix, then queued to get some cable car tickets, and then had to wait for 3,5 hours for our […]

What happened during summer? -3- Breaks in Grenoble, Laitila, Essen, Montelimar

Even when I think I stay at home, I don’t really… 🙂

I was invited to a baptism of a friend’s baby near Grenoble, that ended up being a wedding as well! They trapped us with the baptism and got married! It was pretty big surprise 🙂

The surprise wedding

I also went to […]

What happened during summer? -2 – Strolls and small hikes in Haute-Savoie

I tried to aim my idea of spending summer hiking in Haute-Savoie… which was really not easy, but a few days ended up being really nice!

The first days back home, there was a chance of going on a stroll along the lake in Annecy.

Annecy Lake

Annecy, old town

I went to […]

What happened during summer? -1- 2014/06/02 – Trip back to France

As my job ended on the crazy construction site at the end of May,, I traveled back from Finland to France. it was an experience, for sure! Starting with a 28 hours long ferry trip…

Not Even full!!

Bruno is ready

Finnish countryside

28 hours ferry trip…

My ferry room


2014/01/13 – Christmas and New Year’s holidays

I went back to France for a part of my holiday… but not only!

I started with going ice skating in a hall with my godson, eating foie gras and baking a “bûche au chocolat de Noël” (Christmas chocolate log)…

Ice skating!

Bûche au chocolat de Noël

Then I flew to the Netherlands, […]

2013/07/10 – Stockholm and further

We went to stockholm in the morning, found our hotel and left the car at the car park.

Sadly, it was raining. Not just a little bit, but big drops of water 🙁

We decided anyway to go to the city, to have a look at the changing of the guard at the castle (that […]

2013/07/05 – Malmö to Uppsala

After this good but short night (I woke up at 4:00am, thinking it was 8:00 am because it was already really bright outside with the sunrise) we left again.

We drove along the east swedish coast, with a really nice landscape! The roads are nice, even if flat, there are some speed cameras everywhere, it […]