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  • Back home after 4 days hiking December 29, 2015
    36° 54.529 S | 174° 48.136 E We are back in our home tonight after our really sunny and warm hike around Cape Reinga. We had a great time! Pictures and more details soon hopefully. *** Nous sommes de retour à la maison ce soir après une randonnée très ensoleillée et chaude autour du Cape […]

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20161229 - Sudden Valley–Arthur’s Pass

Meeting with Jenichka and Daniel in Christchurch, off to Arthur’s Pass area. They are our guides to tramping in the area (and our inspiration for food to take on tramps!).

So, suddenly (got it? in Sudden valley?) we were off to a one overnight camp. A bit more than an hour drive from Christchurch, we reach the base of Hawdon Valley and leave the car at the shelter/campsite.

First things first, be ready to be cooled down with the Hawdon river crossing!

Following the valley on the left, coming suddenly: Sudden valley stream. And this is our track: following the stream all the way to the hut. Well in this case, the hut is a bivouac (mini hut for 2 people).


Hawdon Valley


Sudden Valley, that suddenly gets narrower

The stream is pretty strong, glad it’s only a stream. We keep crossing it, walk near water falls, the valley becomes really narrow.

The track at some point makes its way up a steep scree slope and then through the forest down near the river. This path avoids a water fall (called Barrier falls) on the stream.

We practiced our first group safe river crossing: the stream looked stronger than it was so it was probably unnecessary but it’s better this way!

Image result for group safe river crossing

that’s how we did it!

It was quite challenging sometimes to find the ‘”track” or the right way (there is not really a track) to make sure we didn’t end up swimming in the cold stream! Hoping from rocks to rocks, we made it to a wider part of the valley, still crossing multiple times the stream. We found the bivi, small, cute and fairly new. We pitched our tents in the forest and had a fancy risotto dinner! Thanks to Daniel for carrying the heavy cast iron pan in his backpack!


A couple of stream crossings, some of them taking time to find which route to use.


Sudden valley opens up suddenly and is easier to walk through

Breakfast was our first with toasted English muffins splits filled with peanut butter or cheese. Yummy! Perfect start for the day.

We talked about coconut oil to have for tramping – as it is solid under 24 degrees Celcius. Pretty handy and clean to use for camping/tramping.

The day was sunnier than the previous, lot of blue sky and views on the surrounding mountains.


A much nicer day to walk down the valley


Mount Wilson, on the left


Having a rest, walking through the river is exhausting


Back to the bottom of the valley, meeting with Hawdon river and more view around the Waimakariri River valley

Here are the details, numbers and map of the hike:


20170106 - Fern Burn Hut – Wanaka

When we arrived in Wanaka, we didn’t feel like we wanted to stay in town for the night, so we visited the DOC information office and decided on overnight trips. The DOC office in Wanaka is great, their wall is covered with pictures of the huts around the area, so it’s easy to see where […]

2017 in a few lines and pictures

Once more, I realise that I have not been writing for a year! Every time we are out somewhere I think about the fact that I can share the experience here… but I have never took the time to do it!

So going quickly through a couple of our adventures in 2017: right […]

Another tramping trip for Christmas - Around the Mountain Circuit - Taranaki

With a little bit a preparation in the previous weeks (overnight tramp and hikes around Auckland), we decided to do the “Around the Mountain”, in Taranaki. well, as per its name, this tramp is all around the volcano Taranaki.

The information we had about it:

“4 to 5 days, 52 km, Advanced to Expert tramping […]

News of 2016

I haven’t been really good with keeping this blog running in 2016… well, I can always try to be better in 2017!!

To make the long stories short:

– climbing a big mountain early this year (Taranaki, 2518m – starting from 950m),

Climbing in the fog… until 2000m high, where we came […]

Christmas in NZ… Let’s go tramping!

A couple of days off from work for both of us, the envy to see something else of the North Island, the urge to go hiking and tramping for me, going to the northern most point (or almost – at least the one accessible to the public) of New Zealand and going to a warmer […]

Winter and Spring excursions around Auckland

Our first “let’s go away and see something else” couple of days were middle of July, when we needed a break from job offers, CVs, applications… We were actively job seeking for more than a month, without much success… Alex was in between interviews and I was nowhere… just waiting for companies to be interested […]

Settling in Auckland: Jobs, Furniture, Cooking, Worm compost & Garden

While summer is coming to Auckland, I decided I should take my fingers out of my pockets and write a little bit about what happened down here.

Since we came back from Australia in June, Alex found a full time job in the city and we moved to our house in August.

Well, then it […]

Finding a place to live in Auckland

So, since we landed in Auckland in June, we mostly stayed at Warkworth Lodge, helping with a lot of different things. During that time, Alex and I wrote our CVs, found some jobs to apply for, wrote cover letters and applied. Alex found a job, he started middle of August. I am still looking for […]

20150517 Mimosa Park

We left Farewell station, stayed in Winton for one day, and had in mind going somewhere, on our way to Brisbane (to catch our flight to New Zealand on the 4th of June). There was not much plan, when we decided that we wanted to see another station. That was maybe our last chance to […]